Our Graduates

Data & Analytics

Saif Hussain


Msc Business Analytics, UCL
Joined 2019

Joining FTI has allowed me to rapidly expand my knowledge about the world of financial crime while continuing to develop my problem solving and analytical skills.

The investigatory nature of the work combined with the opportunity to work with leading industry experts is what excited me about this role. During my first year, I have had the opportunity to work on high-profile projects involving forensic investigations into sanctions violations and money-laundering by major financial institutions. The nature of the work has allowed me to challenge myself regularly within a fast paced and dynamic environment and helped me develop both technical and soft skills that will be invaluable throughout my professional career. An aspect of the job that I have really enjoyed has been the collaboration across FTIs global offices and segments which has allowed me to work as a part of diverse teams and helped me broaden my horizons.

Edward Keys


Joined 2019

At FTI Consulting I have had the opportunity to apply a wide array of technical skills to complex real-world investigations while working alongside international and diverse teams.

During my first year I’ve had the opportunity to work on large scale investigations into sanction violations which involved innovative ways to search through vast amounts of data. Additionally, I greatly enjoyed my experience of learning multiple new coding languages while developing a custom network visualisation tool from the ground up. Coming from a science background has in no way been a hinderance and it has been refreshing to apply my problem solving and analytical skills to the world of forensic investigations.

Mar Vazquez de Sola Fernandez


Engineering Mathematics MEng
Joined 2018

During my first year in FTI Consulting, I have been able to apply what I learned at university while learning tons about the processes involved in forensic investigations.

Every project is different, and every project comes with new challenges. the projects I have so far worked on range from supporting a global accounting risk assessment involving two countries and five accounting systems, to the development of visuals to help a client understand their extensive fraud complaints dataset and identify red flags.