Our Graduates

Clean Energy

Grace Yang


Master of Philosophy in Finance and Economics
Joined 2019

Since joining the Clean Energy practice through the Graduate Scheme, I’ve worked on a broad range of projects  involving electric vehicles, data architecture design, and energy policy. I’ve tackled big picture questions such as forecasting the future of transport and predicting greenhouse gas emissions under varying scenarios.

FTI Consulting has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, experience working abroad, and collaborate with various experts in their field. Concurrently, FTI has supported my efforts to study towards the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and provided a platform to be heard on important issues of our time, such as diversity and inclusion.

Elliot Fricker


Master of Philosophy in Advanced Chemical Engineering
Joined 2019

As a consultant in FTI’s Clean Energy team you work with clients across the full energy value chain. I’ve had the opportunity to serve a range of clients, including renewables developers, OEMs, energy storage start-ups and major financial institutions. Typically, projects consist of 3 or 4 team members where you are collaborating closely with senior managers and clients who are experts in their fields. A personal highlight of mine has been experiencing different cultures through our international team and working overseas. FTI helps you develop outside of the office, providing paid leave to volunteer in your local community or supporting charitable initiatives.

Liliane Lindsay


Master of Philosophy in Environmental Policy
Joined 2020

Joining the Clean Energy practice has been the perfect way to expand my knowledge of energy policy and economics while developing a critical foundation in strategic advisory, business development, and financial literacy. I have had the opportunity to work with high profile clients from day one and have directly contributed to a number of projects ranging from auction strategy to market entry for various renewable technologies. Working at FTI Consulting has offered exposure to some of the world’s most innovative companies and enabled me to play an active role in delivering work with a truly global impact. Yet what really sets the Clean Energy practice apart is the people—I enjoy being part of a collaborative team of passionate individuals eager to address the most pressing challenges in the energy sector and advance the transition towards a cleaner future.