Our Graduates

Technology Practice

Lori McCully


BSc Computer Forensics
Joined 2019

I joined FTI as a graduate looking for a challenging and exciting work environment and since joining the firm last year, I have had the opportunity to work on a huge range of projects within the UK, as well as, across Europe.

Working in the Technology sector has allowed me to enhance analytical and technical skills first introduced at university and put these into practice on a regular basis. Coming from a background in Computer Forensics, I have had great exposure to all elements of the EDRM cycle within my role, and regular interaction with all teams within the Technology segment which has been a great opportunity to get involved in different elements of the industry.

FTI Consulting has allowed me to challenge myself regularly within a fast paced and dynamic environment while having a direct line of support from the wider team if needed. While learning and developing technical skills relative to my role through project work, I have also had the support and encouragement of my colleagues to pursue and develop keen areas of interest to me even so early on in my career. Within our Technology segment, using industry leading software is the norm and there is always a huge focus and buzz around new emerging technologies in an ever-growing industry and at FTI there is always opportunity to get involved.

Sam Farley


LLB in Law & MSc in International Management
Joined 2014

After graduating, I looked for a job which would let me continue pursuing my interest in technology. The Technology team at FTI Consulting gave me the opportunity to work hands-on with industry experts from day one.

I already feel that at FTI Consulting, I will be limited only by my own ability and aspirations.

The culture focuses on developing your talents and playing to each individual’s strengths. This meant that within only a few weeks I was actively participating in client meetings and presenting to partners at some of the UK’s leading law firms. The open door policy to the senior management team means that they value ideas on their merit, not their origin.

Matthew Liston


BSc Forensic Science with Criminology
Joined 2018

When leaving University, I was looking for the opportunity to make use of the analytical skills I had developed as a forensic scientist, and I particularly wanted to do so within a technical environment.

Working as part of the Technology team has allowed me to work on a variety of different tasks –
ranging from consulting clients over the phone, to data management, all the way to building custom client reports. This dynamic working environment means that the day to day work can change regularly, ensuring no two days are the same. FTI Consulting has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of people in a team that supports each other, where everybody’s input
and contributions are valued.